Fournier Wedding Album

Fall weddings in Wisconsin are widely popular with good reason… the crisp air, beautiful colors, and glowing sun create a beautiful scene.  Kayla and Jason’s gorgeous wedding highlighted their love and commitment to each other.  I hope you enjoy this storybook album as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thanks Kayla and Jason for allowing me to capture your amazing wedding day,

Rachel Schmitz

Fournieralbum01 Fournieralbum02 Fournieralbum03 Fournieralbum04 Fournieralbum05 Fournieralbum06 Fournieralbum07 Fournieralbum08 Fournieralbum09 Fournieralbum10 Fournieralbum11 Fournieralbum12 Fournieralbum13 Fournieralbum14

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