Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are so fun as they can really highlight the uniqueness of a couple’s relationship and their love for one another.  It is also a great way for a couple to get acquainted with their photographer and become comfortable in front of the camera.  Most couples are not professional models (shocking I know!), usually making their first formal photographic session awkward… The great news is that an engagement session helps solve that problem before the big wedding day.  A good professional photographer will know how to make people feel comfortable and capture their true personality.  You will see a real couple here that we photographed at High Cliff State Park for their engagement session.  You will find that there is a variety of poses and backgrounds.


We are so thankful to our clients Meg and Joey for allowing us to capture their relationship at High Cliff State Park.

engagement photography Meg_Joey46 Meg_Joey45 Meg_Joey44 Meg_Joey43 Meg_Joey42 Meg_Joey41 Meg_Joey40 Meg_Joey39 Meg_Joey38 Meg_Joey37 Meg_Joey36 Meg_Joey35 Meg_Joey34Meg_Joey32 Meg_Joey31 Meg_Joey30 Meg_Joey29 Meg_Joey28 Meg_Joey27 Meg_Joey26 Meg_Joey25 Meg_Joey24 Meg_Joey23 Meg_Joey22 Meg_Joey21 Meg_Joey20 Meg_Joey19 Meg_Joey18 Meg_Joey17 Meg_Joey16 Meg_Joey15 Meg_Joey14 Meg_Joey13 Meg_Joey12 Meg_Joey11 Meg_Joey10 Meg_Joey09 Meg_Joey08 Meg_Joey07 Meg_Joey06 Meg_Joey05 Meg_Joey04 Meg_Joey03

Here are some more examples of our engagement sessions below:





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